Why Healthy Birth, Growth, and Development Knowledge Integration (HBGDki)?

Researchers have been studying birth, growth, and development for decades, but most of the data they’ve collected are stored on hard drives or in file cabinets where no one has access to them. HBGDki has begun collecting study data from around the globe and creating one central, secure repository for it. The reason? Healthy Birth, Growth and Development is a key intervention point to make generational impacts in global health. We aim to answer key questions by utilizing and analyzing the large body of data that already exists.

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Stunting, or being too short for one’s age, affects approximately 162 million children across the globe under the age of 5.

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Wasting, caused by interrelated factors such as inadequate feeding, poor food security, poor sanitation, infection, and limited access to health care, effects 52 million children aged less than 5 years (2016). 17 million of these children are severely wasted. Less than 15% of these children reach services for treatment.

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Neurocognitive Development

Malnourished children tend to have poor cognitive development, with underdeveloped brains, resulting in apathy and difficulty with learning.

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