Rally 4C

Dose-Response Relationship of Breastfeeding on Wasting

It is important to understand whether children who are chronically wasted respond differently to breastfeeding and if so, provide insights that will help diagnose the appropriate treatments to improve their recovery. Exploratory visualizations of the raw data investigating the dose-response relationship of breastfeeding on wasting can provide insights and help inform more detailed modeling efforts.


Investigate the dose-response relationship of breastfeeding on wasting through exploratory visualization of the MAL-ED data, providing a basis for future modeling efforts. In this rally sprint, we seek to understand the effect of a 0-6 months breastfeeding dose on growth from 0-24 months and also how this effect varies across different groupings of wasted infants.


Breastfeeding is important in the development of healthy children. The WHO has issued standard recommendations for all infants 0-6 months. This recommendation assumes that all children have the same response to breastfeeding. There is some evidence suggesting that the effect of breastfeeding may be different in severe acute malnourished (SAM) children.


The exploratory visualizations produced by this rally highlighted the complexity of this problem and provided the basis for future modeling efforts.